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Fall 10-17-2023

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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)




Brian Garrett

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Joy Shoemaker

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Anesthesia, Endotracheal Tube, Sore Throat, Postoperative, Cuff Pressure

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Medicine and Health Sciences | Nursing


An estimated 15 million endotracheal tube (ETT) intubations occur annually in the United States. In addition to pain and nausea, one of the leading complaints by patients after intubation is a sore throat. Postoperative sore throat (POST) is caused by increased pressure on the trachea from the ETT during intubation and after the ETT cuff has been inflated. To prevent the occurrences of POST many options were explored, including cuff material, shape, filling media, and ETT tube size. Through research one of the ways to reduce POST is by monitoring the cuff pressure of the ETT against the tracheal. Typically, Anesthesia providers use indirect measurements of the ETT cuff pressure such as pilot balloon palpation or minimal leak testing instead of a direct measurement with a manometer. Direct ETT cuff pressure monitoring is shown to be an effective way to monitor ETT cuff pressures when compared to other monitoring methods. Inadequate measurement of the pressure in the ETT cuff can lead to POST in many patients. The reduction of the instances of POST is important as it can not only cause physical harm to patients but also create a financial burden to them, facilities, and providers. The goal of this project implementation is to reduce the occurrences and duration of POST by directly monitoring the ETT cuff pressure intraoperatively with a manometer.

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