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Conference Proceeding

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Proceedings of the 27th Pipeline Pigging & Integrity Management Conference


Clarion Technical Conferences


Pipeline Active Corrosion Growth, Statistically-active Corrosion, Successive In-Line Inspections


The integrated approach covered by this paper identifies corrosion activity using a combination of statistics, inspection-signal comparisons, and engineering analyses. The approach relies on an understanding of ILI and the mechanisms that cause corrosion and its growth. Pipeline operators can use the approach to calculate remaining lives, prioritize repairs and mitigation, and extend reassessment intervals. This process is collectively known as statistically-active corrosion.

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From the Proceedings of the 27th Pipeline Pigging & Integrity Management Conference, February 9-12, 2015. Copyright © 2015 Clarion Technical Conferences, Tiratsoo Technical and the authors. Used with permission.

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