Guest Lectures for President Krendl's Women’s Leadership Class

Guest Lectures for President Krendl's Women’s Leadership Class

This class focused on the meaning and significance of leadership in general, as well as the historic, current, and future challenges and opportunities associated with women seeking and fulfilling leadership roles in their professions and in society. Student's examined various perspectives on leadership and advice on how to become a leader today and in the future, as well as the social, cultural and economic factors associated with women and leadership. The class included panels of speakers who work in different sectors discussing their individual views and experiences related to women and leadership roles. Below are recordings from the panel discussions with President Kathy Krendl leading the class.


Submissions from 2015

Women and Leadership: Collaboration, Kathy Krendl, John Kellogg, Diane Fosselman, David Collinsworth, Don Barlow, and Janet Davis

Women and Leadership: Mission, Purpose, Driving Force, Passion, Kathy Krendl, Miguel Martinez-Saenz, Robin Campbell, and Katie Johnson

Women and Leadership: Bold Ideas & Bold Actions, Kathy Krendl, Aslyne Rodriguez, Michelle Galligan, Jennie Scheinbach, and Tony R. Wells

Women and Leadership: Paying it Forward, Kathy Krendl, Wendy Sherman-Heckler, Casey Buckler, Barb Smoot, Caroline Z. Worley, Darla King, and Debbie Johnson

Women and Leadership: Understanding Community, Kathy Krendl, Tammy Wharton, Barb Poppe, Elfi Di Bella, Jane Wiechel, and Kimberly Sharp