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Summer 7-26-2022

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Advanced Pathophysiology for the Advanced Practice Nurse

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Dr. Batross & Dr. Bhatnagar


MH, Malignant, Hyperthermia, Dantrolene, Malignant Hyperthermia, Ryanodine

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Medicine and Health Sciences | Nursing


Malignant Hyperthermia

Christina Bensley

Department of Nursing, Otterbein University

NURS 6810: Advanced Pathophysiology for the Advanced Practice Nurse

Dr. Batross and Dr. Bhatnagar

August 5th, 2022


Malignant Hyperthermia (MH) is a rare genetic mutation of the skeletal muscle that induces a hypermetabolic response when patients are exposed to volatile inhaled anesthetics or depolarizing neuromuscular blockers (Weant & Gregory, 2021). The first case of MH was identified in 1960, with an estimated mortality rate of 70-80% without appropriate treatment (Hopkins et al., 2021). Perioperative care providers must be able to identify triggering agents, recognize presenting signs and symptoms, and know how to manage the state to prevent life-threatening complications (Kleidon, 2020). MH is a rare and complex state that requires adequate training and education to achieve the best possible outcome for the patient. MH results in rapidly increasing body temperature that requires immediate interventions to prevent permanent injury or death. Early recognition and proactive planning are vital in the successful management of a patient experiencing clinical symptoms of MH. Therefore, the healthcare provider must have a complete comprehension of this pharmacogenetic disorder to ensure that the safest, most effective care is provided to the patient.


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