Masters Theses/Capstone Projects

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Curriculum and Instruction (MAE)




Dr. Paul Wendel

First Committee Member

Dr. Diane Ross

Second Committee Member

Dr. Dee Knoblauch


Gamification, Motivation, Achievement, Leveling Up, Homework

Subject Categories

Higher Education


This study was a quantitative, quasi-experimental study, comparing 4 classes, studying an 8th grade science unit in a gamified classroom within a suburban middle school. A “Leveling Up” intervention was used in a gamified classroom with the experimental group and compared to a control group in a gamified classroom not using the leveling up intervention. The three driving questions of this study are: Q1)Does Gamification with Leveling Up Promote Learning in an 8th Grade Science Unit more than Gamification Alone? Q2) Does Gamification with Leveling Up Promote Motivation to Learn Science in an 8th Grade Science Unit more than Gamification Alone? And Q3) Does Gamification with Leveling Up Increase Students Perception of Their Motivation? The data showed no significant findings to improve achievement, homework completion or self reported motivation on the survey.



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