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Spring 4-28-2024

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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)




Dr. Brian Garrett

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Dr. Brian Garrett

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Dr. Joy Shoemaker

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Dr. Amy Bishop


Organ Donation, Organ Procurement, Brain-Dead Donor, Brain Death, Evidence-Based Practice, Guidelines

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Medicine and Health Sciences


Organ donation is a gift of life for both donors and recipients that can come from living donors, donors after cardiac death, or brain-dead donors (BDDs). Treating the donors with optimal care throughout the entire donation process is crucial due to organ supply shortages. Organs from BDDs are a large contributor to the number of organs donated each year and require critical care from the time of admission, declaration of brain death, and throughout the organ procurement surgery. Although each BDD requires meticulous care for successful retrieval and donation, there is a lack of evidence-based practice (EBP) guidelines for anesthesia for BDDs during organ procurement surgery. This project encompasses the development, implementation, and evaluation plan of EBP anesthesia guidelines for BDDs. The problem was identified through an introduction to and background information regarding the organ donation process, from the declaration of brain death to organ procurement surgery, organ rejection, financial impact, and the significance of the problem to anesthesia. Next, a clinical person, intervention, comparison, outcomes, and time (PICOT) question was introduced which drove the objectives of the project and facilitated a thorough literature review. With the results from the literature search and recommendations from the Lifeline of Ohio Organ Procurement Agency (LOOP), guidelines for anesthesia for BDDs were created. The Johns Hopkins Nursing Evidence-Based Practice (JHNEBP) Model was used to guide the development of and plan to implement the EBP anesthesia guidelines. Monitoring of outcomes will be completed by the QI department. Barriers, limitations, guideline improvement strategies, project timeline, and project budget are discussed, followed by a dissemination of the findings.

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