The Lucinda Lenore Merriss Cornell Diaries

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The 1866 diary of Lucinda Cornell details her live at home in both Westerville and Hilliard. It includes information about births and deaths of known persons. It begins with some recipes, a list of items belonging to her son, and verses. A list of significant dates include:

February 10: John and Lucinda have relationship troubles.

March 13: Her first child, Harry is born at 7 PM. He is delivered by Dr. Andrus and weighs 7.5 pounds.

March 23: John's mother does not agree with Lucinda.

April 21: First visit back to her family with Harry.

August 10: A mention of cholera in Westerville.

September 2: Lucinda sneaks back to church for the first time without John knowing.

November 29: Thanksgiving in their house with many guests to visit.

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