Rocks 2



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Fall 2018


Donald T. Austin


"It is necessary...For a man to go away by himself...To sit on a rock...And ask, 'Who am I, Where have I been, and where am I going?"

Carl Sanburg


40" X 15"




Digital Inkjet Proof; Images produced with iPhoto 7+ phone camera; Typography and layout produced in Adobe Illustrator


Montana, Wyoming, Idaho


Columbus, Ohio

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The rocks in these images were all cut, shaped and moved by glaciers over a period of time beyond my ability to comprehend. I have stood on them and touched their surfaces with my hands. Almost always, I feel a connection to their history… a history that overflows with tremendous energy. This energy began at the birth of our Universe. That energy has this planet moving through space around the Sun at 67,000 mph. Our Solar System is moving at 515,000 mph through the Milky Way Galaxy. Think about that for a few moments the next time you find yourself sitting on a rock seemingly in the middle of nowhere. Ironically, long before I read the above quote by Carl Sandburg, I would take solo adventures into the wilderness and find myself asking those very questions… usually sitting on a rock! I thought about a lot of other things too. It is necessary to sit in isolation against a backdrop beyond your imagination. This puts your mind in a position to connect with that energy. And, if you sit there long enough, those questions will get answered.

Rocks 2

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