Tan & Cardinal 1917-2013

From 1909 to 1917, Otterbein University had two student news publications. The monthly journal The Otterbein Aegis was published by the Philophronean Literary Society, and the weekly newspaper The Otterbein Review, published by the Philomathean Literary Society. By the spring of 1917, it had become apparent that the University was too small to financially support both of these publications. Rather than make students choose between one or the other, it was decided that both the Aegis and the Review would be discontinued and that a single newspaper, run by the impartial student council, would take its place. In September 1917, the first edition of The Tan and Cardinal went on sale. The T&C (as it was known) was traditionally published on Thursday, and ran from the start of the school year in September, through the end in June. Sizes varied over the years from large to small, and page counts varied from four to sixteen. For much of its run, the English Department was in charge of the publication, though in its final years it was under the jurisdiction of the Communications Department’s journalism program. In the spring of 2013, almost 100 years after its debut, the decision was made to end the print run of the Tan and Cardinal. All weekly content was moved online, and a magazine, called T&C Magazine, was printed anywhere from one to three times a year.


Submissions from 1928


The Tan and Cardinal January 10, 1928, Archives

Submissions from 1927


The Tan and Cardinal October 11, 1927, Archives


The Tan and Cardinal October 3, 1927, Archives