Senior Year Experience Student Projects

Date Written

Spring 4-26-2016

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Managing the Transition to Your Career: The Senior Internship Seminar

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Dr. Ann-Catherine Sullivan


Baseball, Mentorship, Volunteerism, Otterbein Health and Sport Sciences, Otterbein HSS, Westerville Naturals

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Social and Behavioral Sciences | Sports Sciences


We had the privilege to give back to our community in the form of manual labor. The Westerville Naturals baseball team needed a hand moving gravel in order to store a shed behind their field. The team provided a gator to transport the gravel from the parking lot to the field. The objective was to scoop shovels full of gravel into the back of the gator. We took multiple trips to load the five tons of gravel and transport it to the new location. Once moved, the sheds needed a facelift so it was decided to paint the sheds. We were able to get in-touch with the coach and schedule a date and time that worked best with all of our schedules. We have also organized the opportunity for the Westerville Naturals’ players take the field with the Otterbein baseball players at a home game, while the national anthem was played. We are hoping this will be the start of a tradition/legacy that the kids look forward too for many years to come. The practice and game field conditions for the youth team will be much more efficient in setting up and tearing down each day. Now that equipment storage is in place, with a more sturdy foundation than before, the team has a tangible reminder about the work that are students were willing to do for them, in order to show support of their team. The entire project has proven to be successful, the only difficult thing being the scheduling. We had to make sure it worked with their team as well as our schedules before we could get started. In the future we would recommend having a few gators to transport the gravel, as it seemed we were standing around waiting for it to get back after being dumped. We would have also liked to have had a larger budget to provide the youth athletes with a piece of memorabilia to remind them of their experience with the Otterbein Baseball Team.



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