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SYE 4007

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Cultural Encounters: Appalachia in the City

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Beth Rigel Daugherty


Appalachian art, Franklinton, Appalachian crafts, Urban Appalachia, Gladden House, Art exhibits

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Appalachian Studies | Arts and Humanities | Education | Public Policy | Social Welfare


We at COAL think that Appalachian culture has been marginalized by American urban centers and being an Appalachian American comes with many negative stereotypes. This is especially felt right here in the Franklinton neighborhood of Columbus, Ohio. We want to make an impact in the community in a way that lessens stereotypes towards Appalachian Americans and help the city of Columbus be more inclusive towards Appalachian culture.

We propose to do this by organizing an Appalachian cultural festival that will both address the specific needs of Franklinton and celebrate its Appalachian roots. The specific issues we wish to address include socioeconomic instability and lack of cultural and community pride within the Franklinton and greater Columbus Area. This festival will feature local foods, music, vendors, adult beverages and education events that will promote Appalachian culture and lifestyles. This will help the residents of Columbus experience a taste of Appalachia and educate on the culture in ways that should help in reducing negative stereotypes and foster an environment of acceptance and inclusion.

Strongwater Food and Spirits, a venue located in Franklinton, has already agreed to host the festival. The materials we will need financial support to cover will be the purchase the permits and police detail for the closure of the section of Lucas Street between West Town Street and West Rich Street. We will also need financial support to cover other additional festival related expenses related the festival.

We need this financial support because we want this event to be as accessible as possible to the resident of Franklinton and will not be charging an entrance fee. We will only be making money on sales of beer that was donated by local breweries and vendor fees. We do not foresee these limited revenues being able to cover our numerous expenses but this festival would be absolutely beneficial in making Columbus a more inclusive community toward Appalachian Cultures and Lifestyles.

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