Senior Year Experience Student Projects

Date Written

Spring 4-2016

Document Type


Course Number

SYE 4900

Course Name

Senior Year Experience: Internship

Professor’s Name

Dr. Ann-Catherine Sullivan, PhD., C.A.P.E.


Sponsorship, Volunteer, Community involvement, Fundraising


Otterbein Bar Crawl Abstract

The purpose of this project was to help raise money for the 5k for K9 Cancer Walk with an event that was already in existence for the last five years, The Otterbein Bar Crawl. Our financial goal was to raise $500 for the 5K for K9 cancer.

To help spread awareness for canine cancer and to help a local fundraiser meets their financial goals of $40,000.

We decided to use the Otterbein Bar Crawl as a way to spread awareness for the 5K for K9 cancer and to help with their financial goal.

We did a decent job. Looking back at the results of the project, we should have gotten a written quote for the estimates given to us.

We raised awareness for the 5K for K9 Cancer because we talked with everyone individually about the race and we also raised $300 from our event.

We will be able to leave guidelines and assistance for future students to perform duties like we have for this event.

The awareness that we spread for 5K for K9 cancer did wonders for the program. A lot of students are now interested in donating money to the event on April 23rd. We already learned a lot about event planning and the struggle of fundraising. The suggestions that we would make to the future students is to have a plan to meet and collect the money from the bars for their sponsorship weeks in advance of the bar crawl.



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