SYE Legacies: Student Group Projects

Date Written

Spring 4-26-2016

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SYE 4900

Professor’s Name

Anne-Catherine Sullivan


Nutrition Sitting-Disease presentation education

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Educational Assessment, Evaluation, and Research | Exercise Physiology | Health and Physical Education | Other Food Science | Other Nutrition


For the month of March, we implemented a mini education program at both EmblemHealth sites to engage, educate and empower members of the fitness center and weight management program. The program was designed to be fifteen minutes in length, allowing for more sessions over the course of 3 hours with one session a week alternating between topics. Upon survey evaluation of the 60 participants, they reported satisfaction with the overall program and validated the worth of EmblemHealth’s Fitness Center. The survey also showed that 10 out of 10 participants recognized sitting disease as a primary health concern after the presentation, and eighty percent of the participants were able to list two new things they learned about nutrition. The Move N’ Learn and Snack N’ Learn series is planned to continue in the future by the fitness center employees with the support of the Wellness director and the possibility to even extend the series on a digital platform for off-site employee participation. In the case of future implementation, having shorter presentations like the fifteen-minute format used and keeping them on site was paramount in the success of the program. Additionally, because the presentation times were short, often the groups were smaller, which opened up the opportunity for a more focused, individualized approach to discussing the topics.