Senior Year Experience Student Projects



Date Written

Spring 3-11-2016

Document Type


Course Number

SYE 4900

Course Name

Internship to Career

Professor’s Name

Dr. Ann Catherine-Sullivan


OTTERTHON, For the kids, FTK, dance marathon, Nationwide Children's Hospital, Miracle Children's Network


Promote and spread awareness about the families by advertising Otterbein’s 2016 dance marathon, OTTERTHON, by spreading awareness among the campus and Westerville community. To increase participation through community engagement; more specifically, to involve Westerville youth organizations with the children receiving care from Nationwide Children’s Hospital. We performed our objectives by advertising on campus and through word of mouth to the community. On campus advertising consisted of posters we designed with each family's and child’s information on it to spread awareness. Community advertising was through word of mouth reaching out to the youth organizations. Following the event, a survey was emailed to every participant and volunteer that registered. Based on the feedback, we can measure our direct impact compared to other PR methods already in use. In 2015 there were 220 participants with a total funding amount of $12,787. In 2016 there were 363 participants with a total funding amount of $18,852. In just one year OTTERTHON was able to increase its participation by 60% and funding by 68%! This significant change in percentages indirectly correlates to our success as a group in achieving our mission. Together, we’ve created an easily accessible digital folder, via Google Drive, full of NEW resources (local youth organization contacts, participation survey results, poster design templates, newspaper ad template, State Street banner display application and price estimate, personal evaluation/recommendations) for future use. Our objectives were met by increasing participation and spreading awareness about the families on campus and in the community through advertisement.



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