Senior Year Experience Student Projects

Date Written

Spring 2016

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Course Number

SYE 4900

Course Name

Managing the Transition to Your Career: The Senior Internship Seminar

Professor’s Name

Dr. Ann-Catherine Sullivan


Community Engagement, Internship, Causes, Production, Greater Good, Fund Raising

Subject Categories

Marketing | Other Business


The goal of the Rotten to the Core Drag Show was to raise funds and donate a portion of ticket sales to Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS while also increasing awareness of HIV/AIDS. This is a cause that educates individuals on the realities of the diseases, but also preventable measures. By coordinating this production and donating a percentage of ticket sales, I am helping to progress the cause of awareness to everyone. We took some time in the production to talk about the organization, the cause and the importance of activism and awareness. The promotions and marketing also showcased the donations to the organization. Surveys were conducted at the end of the show with a question asking what the audience learned about BC/EFA, and a large response was that it increased awareness and was a cause that the majority were interested in looking into more. Most of the wristbands and ribbons were given out supporting the cause. In the future, we hope that a fund raiser will be conducted to benefit this cause and spread the awareness of HIV/AIDS. The audience responded positively to the activism and educational aspect of the show and showed their own interest in the cause. For future endeavors, I recommend that organizers provide different mini-events or activism activities prior to the fund raiser.

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