Senior Year Experience Student Projects

Date Written

Spring 4-18-2016

Document Type


Course Number

SYE 4900

Course Name

Managing the Transition to Your Career: The Senior Internship Seminar

Professor’s Name

Dr. Ann-Catherine Sullivan


Exercise, Fitness, Nutrition, Best of Both Worlds, At Home

Subject Categories

Exercise Science


To teach the students of the Best of Both Worlds (BOBW) program how to live a healthy lifestyle by introducing simple nutrition and exercise methods that can be done at home. To offer a program that is understandable at all levels of education that introduces effective and easy ways to eat healthier and exercise simply. A PowerPoint that explains nutrition and exercise information. Hands on learning and visuals to help students capture positive health ideas. Interactive demonstration of exercises and introduction of banded exercises. A before and after survey to quiz students on knowledge prior to and after seminar. An audience that is pleased with the presented information and motivated to change lifestyles in a positive direction. A binder with exercises and nutritional information will be left behind with BOBW Teachers to guide students to a healthy lifestyle. A successful program that got the audience involved and motivated. Steps for future programming would be to reserve a bigger space.



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