Senior Year Experience Student Projects

Date Written

Spring 4-25-2016

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SYE 4900

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Internship Seminar

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Dr. Ann-Catherine Sullivan


Culture, Community, Arts, Community arts, Dance, School

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Art Education


Our goals for this project include: establishing a connection between culture groups in Columbus and schools which persists into at least next year through the scheduling of cultural events; exposing children in elementary schools to cultural art and customs outside of their own through cultural events scheduled at their schools at least once a year; and promoting cultural groups in Columbus by providing them with business relationships with Westerville Elementary Schools. We will coordinate with some cultural arts groups around Columbus and bring them to a Westerville elementary school to give a performance for a group/class of kids. We also hope to coordinate with the cultural groups on Otterbein’s campus and get them involved to continue the tradition of bringing culturally diverse arts groups to schools in the Westerville area. We were able to get into contact with a local school and establish a connection between them and an Okinawan dance troupe, and we were also able to promote another cultural arts group to fellow students on our campus. We helped establish and foster the connection between the dance troupe and the elementary school and we are passing on the contact information of the other group to fellow students so they can continue to promote the group on our campus. Even though we may not see the performance at the school, we were glad to have achieved our original goal of establishing a connection between a cultural arts group and a school.

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Art Education Commons



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