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Neil Simon

Performance Dates

June 7-10, 14-16, 2012

Creative Team

Director Christina Kirk

Scenic Design Brad Steinmetz

Costume Design Rebecca White

Lighting Design Elliot France

Sound Design PJ Peters

Stage Manager Emily Ann Mellon


What happens when two very different people fall in love? Paul likes to wear his gloves in the winter and Corie wants to walk barefoot in the park. Mix in the crazy neighbors upstairs, Victor Velasco, who "wears Japanese kimonos and sleeps on rugs" and Corie's mother who "wears a hairnet and sleeps on a board" and expect some complications. Set in 1963, Barefoot in the Park captures the tension between the freedom of the burgeoning 60's and the conventions of the waning 50's. Corie and Victor are pre-hippies, attuned to their libidos and their desire for freedom and adventure. Paul and Corie's mother are desperately hanging on to the conventions and structure of the 50's, a time when everyone felt safe and secure with their places in the social structure. They say opposites attract; but not without some sparks along the way...

Christina Kirk


Acting | Theatre and Performance Studies | Theatre History


Love Story, Theatre, College Theatre, 1950's, 1960's, Playwright

Barefoot in the Park