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Carter W. Lewis

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June 21 - July 7, 2001

Creative Team

Written & Directed by..........Carter W. Lewis


Carter W. Lewis' new play introduces us to Peggy and Karen, the latter of whom has recently commited, as they say, adultery with the former's husband. Women Who Steal is about the aftermath of that revelation, and it's a hilarious, tightly constructed joy ride, complete with squealing tires and tequila-chugging and Meat Loaf -- yes: Meat Loaf! -- blaring from the car radio. How these women deal with each other as they attempt to resolve the resultant conflict and stress, how they interact with the different men in their lives, is played out in a story that reaches the fullness of its comedic potential without losing sight of the serious emotions that fuel the action. Lewis' writing is marvelously structured to make the best use of the situation; though there are a few disposable jokes -- which are funny, after all -- this weaving of circumstance and consequence is beyond clever the way concrete is beyond Styrofoam.


Acting | Dance | Theatre and Performance Studies | Theatre History


OST, Summer Stock, Otterbein Theatre, Musicals

Women Who Steal

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