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Peter Shaffer, Murray Schisgal (respectively)

Performance Dates

July 7-11, 1970

Creative Team

Director....................................Teri Hiatt

Designer-Technical Director.....Prof. Fred Thayer


Black Comedy - Black Comedy is a one-act farce by Peter Shaffer, first performed in 1965. The play is written to be staged under a reversed lighting scheme: the play opens on a darkened stage. A few minutes into the show there is a short circuit, and the stage is illuminated to reveal the characters in a "blackout." On the few occasions when matches, lighters, or torches are lit, the lights grow dimmer. The title of the play is a pun.

The Tiger - The Tiger is one of two short plays written by Murray Schisgal and published in 1963. A brief synopsis of the play is as follows: Ben is a natively intelligent, but slightly unstrung young man in revolt against a system which consigns him to being a mail carrier and to living in a tumble-down basement apartment. In a gesture of defiance he kidnaps a young woman and drags her to his lair, the object being that she, at least, will do as and what he orders — fulfilling the urge for domination that life has hitherto denied him.


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Black Comedy and The Tiger