Nursing Student Class Projects (Formerly MSN)

Academic Term

Summer 2015

Document Type


Course Number

NURS 5330

Course Name

Advanced Pathophysiology

Professor’s Name

John D. Chovan, James R, Cacchillo


Heart Diseases, Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone System

Subject Categories

Cardiovascular Diseases | Medical Pathology | Medicine and Health Sciences | Nursing


The topic I have chosen to research is heart failure. I have chosen this topic because I have treated many patients in the ICU with this condition, and find it an interesting pathology. Heart failure affects a significant portion of the patient population, and the rates are increasing. 5.1 million Americans ≥20 years of age have heart failure, projections show that by 2030, the prevalence of HF will increase 25% from 2013 estimates. At 40 years of age, the lifetime risk of developing HF for both men and women is 1 in 5. At 80 years of age, remaining lifetime risk for development of new HF remains at 20% for men and women, even in the face of a much shorter life expectancy. While patients are now living longer after initial diagnosis, about half of the patients diagnosed die within five years. Projections from the American Heart Association show in 15 years, the total cost of HF will increase almost 120% to $70 billion from the current estimated total cost of $32 billion.



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