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Summer 8-2-2022

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Advanced Pathophysiology for the APN

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Dr. Batross & Dr. Bhatnagar


Beta Thalassemia, Gene Therapy, Vitamin D, Beta Thalassemia Major, Beta Thalassemia Minor

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Medicine and Health Sciences | Nursing


Abstract for Beta Thalassemia Poster Project

Beta Thalassemia is a highly prevalent inherited disease that has the ability to cause symptoms where a patient can present asymptomatic to severe life-threatening conditions. The drive behind researching this topic was regarding my husband and the journey to getting a diagnosis for his unknown problems. Diagnosis can occur from birth into middle adulthood. The milder cases tend to be diagnosed in adulthood. There are new innovative ways to help combat symptoms of beta thalassemia, however, there has not been one successful solution for a cure except very specific bone marrow transplantation. This also has risks associated with it as well. As the practitioner caring for this patient population, it is crucial to identify familial history and have conversations around familial planning. The most important prevention currently associated with anemia type diagnosis are prenatal screening and later newborn screening. The practitioner must also be aware of the community diversity that the disease occurring in as well to help identify reasoning behind the higher rates in one patient population versus another. The goal is to improve patient outcomes by performing evidence based guided research.

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