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Summer 8-6-2021

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NURS 6810

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Advanced Pathophysiology for the Advanced Practice Nurse

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Dr. John Chovan & Dr. Sue Butz


Ryanodine Receptor, Anesthetic Agents, Malignant Hyperthermia, and Dantrolene

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Medicine and Health Sciences | Nursing


Malignant Hyperthermia is a rare but fatal disorder usually triggered using succinylcholine, a depolarizing muscle blocker, or other volatile anesthetics (Yang et al., 2020). MH is characterized by signs and symptoms including Hyperthermia, acidosis, tachycardia, hypercarbia, acidosis, etc. (Yang et al., 2020). When the signs and symptoms of MH are recognized, the provider should stop what he or she is doing and call for immediate help. When additional assistance arrives, the patient must receive Dantrolene. Dantrolene is a muscle relaxant that prevents the sarcoplasmic reticulum from releasing calcium. Additional interventions include cooling the patient using ice packs, treating electrolyte abnormalities, and managing possible arrhythmias (Cornelius et al., 2020). This poster aims to educate the public about malignant Hyperthermia and provide healthcare providers a guide on how to treat an individual who presents with MH.

Key words: Ryanodine Receptor, Anesthetic Agents, Malignant Hyperthermia, and Dantrolene

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