Nursing Student Class Projects (Formerly MSN)



Academic Term

Summer 7-6-2020

Document Type


Course Number

NURS 6810

Course Name

Advanced Pathophysiology for the Advanced Practice Nruse

Professor’s Name

Dr. Chovan, Dr. Butz


corona, COVID-19, pandemic, novel virus, respiratory

Subject Categories

Family Practice Nursing | Nursing


Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a novel virus that began its virulent spread in China December 2019. Since that time, it has spread worldwide and has affected individuals, business, and educational systems, as well as day to day life. COVID-19 has become a national pandemic. COVID-19 is spread through airborne droplets produced by affected individual that may or may not be symptomatic. Individuals may experience fevers, dry cough, and difficulty breathing. While most individuals with COVID-19 may be able to recover at home, several are requiring hospitalization. If patients are hospitalized, they are placed into an isolation negative air flow room for their stay. Patients are experiencing feelings of isolation as caregivers are limiting their exposure to the patient, families and friends are not allowed to visit the patient unless in an end of life situation, and patients are not allowed to leave their rooms. COVID-19 is a respiratory illness that can also lead to multiple complications affecting all organs with a massive inflammatory response that could potentially lead to the need of mechanical ventilation for breathing assistance as well as potential death. There is not a cure or structured treatment for COVID-19 currently, but many tests and trials are being conducted to come up with a vaccination, cure, or treatment. Facts pertaining to COVID-19 have been discovered and used through research for this project.



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