Nursing Student Class Projects (Formerly MSN)

Academic Term

Fall 2014

Document Type


Course Number

NURS 5330

Course Name

Advanced Pathophysiology

Professor’s Name

John D. Chovan, James R. Cacchillo


Jahi McMath, Marlise Munoz

Subject Categories

Medical Pathology | Neurology | Nursing


Lack of understanding of brain death has contributed to recent controversial cases (Copnell, 2014). The cases of Jahi McMath and Marlise Munoz were the focus of national news, causing an intense debate among the public and healthcare professionals (Copnell, 2014). The concept of brain death is a mystery to the public (Powell, 2014). Copnell (2014) found that 60% of family members who had been told their loved one was brain dead believed that they were still alive. Health professionals not having a clear grasp of brain death’s definition and assessment can lead to increased confusion in family members (Powell, 2014).



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