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Hepatitis B

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NURS 5330

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Advanced Pathophysiology

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John Chovan


Hepatitis B, Antivirals for hepatitis, viral infection, pathophysiology of hepatitis b

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Medicine and Health Sciences | Nursing | Public Health and Community Nursing


This poster presents a patient case and information about the believed disease process, hepatitis B (HBV). The poster gives information on the signs and symptoms of HBV such as fatigue, jaundice, and abdominal pain. The poster also discusses the pathophysiology of HBV. The virus attacks the healthy cells of the liver, replacing healthy cells with those infected cells to reproduce, and form more infected cells. This is significant because knowing how the virus works helps to know how to treat the virus and keep it from causing permanent damage. This poster also discusses the nursing implications that come from the disease process. This includes education of the patient as well as those around them and making sure that those family members or others close to the patient are up to date on vaccines which include the hepatitis b vaccine. The conclusion of the poster is that the patient that presented is positive for HBV and will need to be educated on all the discussed aspects of the poster. This is so the patient can protect themselves as well as those they come in contact with.



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