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Dr. John Chovan, PhD., DNP, RN, CNP, CNS


Infective, Endocarditis, Sepsis, Cardiac Care

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Medicine and Health Sciences | Nursing


Infective Endocarditis (IE) is a rare disease that can be difficult to manage and treat due to the complex nature of the disease process. The pathophysiology behind IE involves damage to the cardiac endothelium allowing bacterial infection to occur. Pathogens gain access to the bloodstream adheres to the compromised cardiac tissue. This infection grows and causes a multitude of issues for the patient. Determining the specific bacteria involved allows for the proper antibiotic regimen. Understanding the pathophysiology and treatment plans assist the interdisciplinary team to successfully manage IE. Nursing implications focus on education, monitoring, and identifying patient populations more susceptible to IE. With the multitude of categories and causes IE is a difficult illness to diagnose, treat, and prevent. Collaboration and education are vital elements to a successful patient outcome.

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