Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) Student Scholarship

Date Written

Summer 7-22-2017

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NURS 5330

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Advanced Pathophysiology

Professor’s Name

Dr. John Chovan


Anomalous, Coronary, Artery, Anomaly, Heart

Subject Categories

Medicine and Health Sciences | Nursing


Imagine living life as a healthy active individual with no known health conditions or previous illnesses, then one day experiencing life-threatening symptoms or even sudden death due to an unknown heart condition. Anomalies of the coronary arteries are not well understood and are extremely rare in the general population (Suryanarayana, 2015). This topic was chosen to explore the research and the pathophysiology behind this rare disease and to be able to understand the process at a cellular level. This project will explore the pathophysiologic process of anomalous coronary artery disease including signs and symptoms, underlying pathophysiology, significance of pathophysiology, and the implications for nursing care. Coronary artery anomalies (CAA) are rare conditions that may be associated with myocardial ischemia, lethal ventricular rhythms, and sudden death. The current population affected is estimated to be from 0.1 to 0.7 percent (Brothers et al, 2015) and affect approximately 1 in every 300,000 live births (Fahy et al, 2012). Many are considered benign, but identifying those that can be fatal is an on-going challenge in the medical field. Although research is on-going with this rare condition, there remains several unknown aspects of this disease (Brothers et al, 2015). With the current research, it is known that this condition can cause sudden death so it is therefore vital that we continue to gain knowledge of this topic, and increase our awareness of this condition as healthcare providers.

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