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Advanced Pathophysiology

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Dr. John D Chovan PhD DNP RN CNP CNS, Course Coordinator


Acute Ischemic Stroke, Hypoxia, Cerebral Artery, Thrombus, Brain tissue, BEFAST mneumonic

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Medicine and Health Sciences | Nursing



This poster discusses the pathophysiology of Acute Ischemic Stroke (AIS) and the importance of timely intervention to minimize irreversible tissue damage. Ischemic stroke is characterized by the obstruction within a blood vessel supplying blood to the brain. The general population is not well informed as to the warning signs or symptoms of stroke, leading to substantial delays in emergency medical services. Recognizing the signs and symptoms of acute ischemic stroke in timely fashion is very important because the treatment window is very narrow. This author worked as a nurse at Interventional Radiology (IR); observing patients with AIS undergoing clot retrieval procedure or receiving tissue plasminogen activator (tPA). Consequently, the student began to develop interest in studying acute ischemic stroke and its relations with pathophysiology. Overall, advanced practice nurses should equip themselves with the current protocols and timely interventions to save patients from devastating AIS disability and financial burden.

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