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Summer 8-3-2017

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Advanced Pathophysiology

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Dr. John D Chovan


Diverticulitis, Diverticulosis, Nurse, Pathophysiology

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Medicine and Health Sciences | Nursing


Diverticular disease affects approximately 2.5 million people in the United states and it accounts for more than 280,000 hospitalizations per year (Mulligan, 2015). In 2004, the treatment cost for diverticular diseases was approximately 3.6 billion dollars, this is a huge expense for health care in this country (Schneider et al., 2015). “Diverticulosis is the presence of diverticula in the absence of inflammation” (Wilkins, Embry, & George, 2013). In the United States one study found that those with diverticulosis have a twenty-five percent chance of developing diverticulitis in their lifetime (Wilkins, Embry, & George, 2013). The number of patient in the Unites States admitted to the hospital for diverticulitis has steadily increased since 2002, with an increase in the occurrence of admissions of women with diverticulitis and the populations with diverticulitis continues to get younger (Teetor et al., 2017). The increase in diverticulitis patient under 40 years of age is predominantly obese Hispanic males, after 40 years of age the demographics are more widespread (Kijsirichareanchai, Mankongpaisarnrung, Sutamtewagul, Nugent, & Rakvit, 2015).

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