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Advanced Pathophysiology

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Dr. Chovan


pathophysiology of AKI associated sepsis, patho of sepsis associated AKI, path of sepsis, patho of AKI

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Medicine and Health Sciences | Nursing


Sepsis is a common cause of AKI. The research shows that AKI associated sepsis has high morbidity and mortality rates. According to Bonventre and Yang (2011) even if a patient survives the acute phase of kidney injury there are many chronic consequences that can occur as a result. These can include chronic kidney disease and end-stage renal disease (p. 4210). This makes keeping up with further research and developments related to AKI all the more important to nurses. Many factors contribute to the occurrence of sepsis associated AKI. Sepsis is a major cause of AKI due to the alterations in microcirculation and the effects it has on homeostasis. Current therapy focuses on early antibiotic initiation and fluid resuscitation but a lot of clinical trials are being done to see if better treatments are out there that could reduce morbidity and mortality rates. As new treatments are tested and developed it is extremely important for nurses to stay up to date on best practice related to this serious clinical issue. Nurses have the opportunity to positively affect a huge number of patients if strides in research are made.

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