Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) Student Scholarship

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Summer 7-29-2016

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Advanced Pathophysiology

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John D Chovan and Jim Cacchillo


Rhabdomyolysis, Muscle injury, Acute Kidney injury, Creatine Kinase, Tea colored urine

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Medicine and Health Sciences | Nursing


Rhabdomyolysis is the dissolution of skeletal muscle caused by injury to skeletal muscle. It is a direct result of leakage of toxic cellular content into the blood stream. The most common cause of rhabdomyolysis is drug use, trauma, immobility, medicines and intense muscular exercise. The classic triad of rhabdomyolysis symptoms comprises the following symptoms; myalgias, generalized weakness and darkened urine. Pathophysiology of rhabdomyolysis involves an increase in free ionized calcium and sodium which draws water into the cell and disrupts the integrity of the intracellular milieu. Rhabdomyolysis can be life-threatening and disabling, having a clinician who knows how the syndrome progresses is vital in ensuring better patient outcomes.

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