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Advanced Pathophysiology

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Dr. Chovan


Cardiomyopathy, Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy, Apical Ballooning Syndrome, Broken Heart Syndrome, Heart Failure, Heart Disease

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Medicine and Health Sciences | Nursing


This academic poster provides a brief overview of Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy (TTC), it’s pathophysiology, and implications for nursing care. TTC is a non-ischemic cardiomyopathy that typically presents acutely in a very similar fashion to an acute myocardial infarction (Reeder & Prasad, 2015). Interestingly the disease primarily afflicts females (90% of cases) and is often triggered by an intense emotional or physical stressor (Minhas, Hughey & Kolas, 2014). Despite the acute onset and symptoms, the majority of cases are benign and resolve with conservative heart failure treatment (Scantlebury & Prasad, 2014) though a small percentage of cases can develop profound shock, resulting in significant mortality. An awareness and familiarity of the disease is certainly warranted for healthcare professionals as the disease has seen a three-fold increase in cases between 2007-2012 (Minhas, Hughey & Kolas, 2014).

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