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Summer 6-2021

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Master of Science in Allied Health, Health Care Administration (MSAH)


Dr. Paul Longenecker


Mayo Well-Being Index, Culture, Resilience, Efficacy of Practice

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Health and Medical Administration | Higher Education | Medicine and Health Sciences


The Mayo Well-Being Index is a validated nine-question self-assessment tool that enables individuals to better understand their overall wellbeing. The Mayo Well-Being Index is 100% anonymous, and provides individualized feedback with access to local and national resources through the tool at any time. Additionally, three process improvement questions are asked at the end of each assessment, allowing the users to share their feedback on topics such as the drivers of stress in the workplace, additional resources desired, etc. OhioHealth utilizes both qualitative and quantitative data from the Mayo Well-Being Index to identify teams in high distress as well as opportunities for improvement.

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Copyright, some rights reserved. Attribution – Noncommercial – No Derivative Works



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