Masters Theses/Capstone Projects

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Summer 6-15-2021

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Exercise and Health Science (MSAH)


Paul Longenecker


Health Science, Wellness Program, Internship, OhioHealth

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Community Health and Preventive Medicine | Higher Education | Quality Improvement


Goals of this project include learning and practicing related clinical skills, develop work based thinking method, gain clinical knowledge of workplace wellness programs, and expanding knowledge on program’s implementation and improvement, analyze existing programs and challenge me with innovation, learning how wellness program practice during a special environment (epidemic), learning and gain leadership skill through the process, expending vision and formulating future career plans.

There were positive and negative outcomes of this experience. I have learned the wellness program implementation and helped with several programs design and operations. I have gained leadership skills from involving in meeting discussions. I have experienced virtual worksite communication methods and have gained knowledge of virtual wellness program operations. However, due to the Covid-19, many wellness programs were paused. The low amount of tasks cause me unable to complete my hours at that site. Follow up with my own research on the nurse role in the wellness program.

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