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Spring 5-1-2021

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Master of Science in Allied Health (MS)


Dr. Paul Longenecker


OhioHealth, Employer, Services, Telehealth, Professional, Development

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Higher Education


My time with OHES was filled with valuable learning opportunities from working on strategic operations with OHES leaders to learning about who I am as a young professional and what I envision for myself as I gain experience in Healthcare. My time with OHES was kicked off by individually meeting with managers and practice administrators of each OHES division. OHES is divided into several sectors: Wellness, Work Health, Fitness, Onsite Clinics, Support Services, Associate Health, Health Partners, and Business Development. Meeting with leaders from each sector provided me with insight into their various roles, challenges, and rewards shared by OHES.

The key project I worked on throughout the entirety of my time with OHES was the OHES Telehealth Solution Implementation. Although OHES has been discussing implementing a consistent Telehealth platform for their employees, the COVID-19 Pandemic accentuated this need, making this project become a priority. I worked on a team of 3 people, including myself. We had weekly Telehealth meetings in which we utilized strategic operations to conduct a detailed analysis of the issue, create an A3 document, and met with various OHES leaders to gather information on needs and feedback utilized to choose an efficient Telehealth Platform. When I wasn't working on the Telehealth Strategy Solution project, 1completed several activities that were aimed at helping me discover my professional strengths, spot areas that could use growth, and build new skills I can utilize across any work environment. These activities include, but are not limited to creating an accountabilities sheet, a professional development plan, completing a Strengths Finders test, meeting with OHES leaders to discuss their personal journey in healthcare, and meeting with my supervisor on a biweekly experiences, and mentorship.

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