Masters Theses/Capstone Projects

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Spring 4-16-2021

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Master of Science in Allied Health, Health Care Administration (MSAH)


Dr. Paul Longenecker


Public Health, Health Policy, ACEs, Experience

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Community-Based Research | Health Policy | Higher Education | Race and Ethnicity


My practicum was completed at the Health Policy Institute of Ohio. I was given a wide range of projects to work on. Some of these projects needed to be completed as quickly as possible while others had a longer due date. These projects included updating HPIO’s online resource pages for the addiction resource page ( AEP) and adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). I conducted literature review and other research on ACEs that was part of the ACEs Impact Project. I also analyzed COVID-19 data on race and ethnicity and learned new skills as a result. I did quality control on the Medicaid Basics 2021 by looking through Medicaid services to find any changes that happened specific to COVID-19.

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