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Spring 5-1-2021

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Master of Science in Allied Health (MS)


Dr. Paul Longenecker


COVID-19, Contact Tracing, Otterbein University, Pandemic

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Higher Education | Medicine and Health Sciences


My experience started initially by completing the COVID-19 Contact Tracing course offered through Johns Hopkins, which immersed me into the world of contact tracing which I had been completely unfamiliar with before. In the beginning of the fall semester in August 2019, the Otterbein Contact Tracing Program consisted of just Danielle Kilboy and myself, and we initially handled all COVID-19 cases among students on the Otterbein campus. Although we had both gone through the training program, there were many situations throughout the semester that we could not possibly prepare for and we would have to continue learning as we navigated the school year. Our missions was simple yet challenging, keep the campus and everyone on it as safe as possible.

Recommended that future MSAH students try to find a practicum that can help make a positive and direct impact on the Otterbein community if possible.

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