Masters Theses/Capstone Projects

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Spring 5-1-2021

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Reading (MAE)

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Dr. Allison McGrath


Dr. Allison McGrath

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Dr. Susan Constable

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Dr. Diane Ross


Literacy, Social-Emotional Learning, Education, Children's Literature

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Early Childhood Education | Elementary Education


The purpose of this capstone project is to present a curriculum that utilizes children’s books to teach the first competency of social-emotional learning: self-awareness. The curriculum was developed based on the following research question: How can we create a literacy curriculum that utilizes children’s literature to support students’ social-emotional development in the domain of self-awareness? The question was answered after examining Vygotsky’s sociocultural learning theory and research associated with bibliotherapy and text selection, as well as structure developed for bibliotherapy lessons. The curriculum includes sample lessons that support literacy and social-emotional learning instruction with alignment to Ohio’s Social-Emotional Learning and English Language Arts Standards.

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Copyright, all rights reserved. Fair Use

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