Masters Theses/Capstone Projects

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Spring 4-13-2021

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Curriculum and Instruction (MAE)

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Paul Wendel


Paul Wendel

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Kathryn Plank

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Daniel Cho


Vision and Change, Virtual, Online, Biology Laboratory, Undergraduate

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Higher Education | Science and Mathematics Education


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, an Introductory Biology course at a private university was reformatted to an online format. To examine student perceptions of the effectiveness of the laboratory portion of the course, a researcher designed questions based on the Vision and Change core competencies and presented them to a representative sample of students in virtual interviews. The themes which emerged from the student responses were that students had positive views of their comfort level with the scientific method, the virtual laboratory synchronous format, worksheet activities, breakout rooms, and lessons with social relevance to college-aged students.

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