Masters Theses/Capstone Projects

Date of Award

Summer 8-19-2020

Document Type


Degree Name

Special Education (MAE)

First Committee Member

Dr. Diane Ross


Dr. Diane Ross

Second Committee Member

Dr. Allison McGrath

Third Committee Member

Dr. Dee Knoblauch


Special Education, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Foundational Skills, Applied Behavior Analysis, Behavior, Multiple Baseline Design

Subject Categories

Higher Education | Special Education and Teaching


This study was an instructional inquiry project using a single participant research design and mixed methods data collection. The study investigated the implementation of PEAK (Promoting the Emergence of Advanced Knowledge) Relational Training System: Direct Training Module (Dixon, 2014), specifically when focused on the behavior of a second-grade student with ASD in a specialized learning center. By conducting a pre-assessment with a single subject, deficits in foundational skills were identified and three focus behaviors were chosen for the intervention. PEAK was then implemented using a multiple baseline design to teach and reinforce the behaviors. The progress of the intervention was evaluated using data collection during implementation. The driving questions of this study were, "What is the relationship between implementing PEAK Relational Training System and the foundational skills of a second-grade student with Autism Spectrum Disorder?" and "How can PEAK Relational Training System be implemented in a specialized learning center?". The data showed that the student increased in score after the implementation of the intervention and observations regarding participant behavior showed improvement through analysis of the research journal.



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