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Special Education (MAE)

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Paul Wendel, Ph.D.


Daniel Cho, Ph.D.

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Adele Weiss, Ph.D.


Blended Learning, Internal Factors, Technology in the Classroom

Subject Categories

Educational Assessment, Evaluation, and Research | Educational Technology | Higher Education


Blended learning is defined as an education program in which a student learns, at least in part, through online delivery of content and instruction and, at least in part, at a supervised brick-andmortar location away from home (Staker & Hom, 2012). It is regarded as an effective learning model in terms of student outcomes; however, there are barriers to the implementation of blended learning. These barriers can be categorized as external or internal. The aim of this study was to determine and understand the barriers or factors that affect the implementation of blended learning. To accomplish this, it was important to understand what teachers who have implemented blended learning perceive as most influential to implementation. Seventy-five teachers that have implemented blended learning were surveyed. A combination of descriptive and inferential statistics was used to analyze the teachers' perceptions of which factors or barriers were most influential to implementation. Within this study, the least influential factors perceived to influence the implementation of blended learning included preservice experiences, parent support, class size, and previous failures. The most influential factor perceived to influence the implementation of blended learning was access to the internet. Internal factors were perceived to influence the implementation more than external factors. Teacher characteristics of gender, subject taught, education level, perceived computer proficiency, and computer-to-student ratio did not have a significant influence on perceived internal factors affecting implementation. Finally, years of experience and perceived internal factors affecting implementation were found to have a negative correlation.



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