Masters Theses/Capstone Projects

Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Curriculum and Instruction (MAE)

First Committee Member

Dr. Marianne Hesseltine, Ph.D.


Dr. Carrie Scheckelhoff, Ph.D.

Second Committee Member

Dr. Bethany Vosburg-Bluem, Ph.D.


Behavior, Coaching, Curriculum, Social-Emotional Development, Suspension, Child Development

Subject Categories

Higher Education


The purpose of this curriculum design project was to create a curriculum modeled after practices of literacy coaching, to help coach teachers on effective and inclusive methods and practices to offset disruptive, student behavior in their classroom. Using research from literacy coaching a curriculum was created into a handbook for behavior coaches to follow when coaching teachers in their building. The idea is to provide support and guidance to teachers that allow them to have a plan to address their specific student’s behavior within their own classroom. A test trial was implemented to test the coaching handbooks effectiveness and gain feedback. Based on that test trial, teacher reflection proved it to be effective in providing support to teachers on how to deal with behavior and give them a plan to follow.



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