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Han Zhang

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Curriculum and Instruction (MAE)

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Daniel Cho


Susan Constable

Second Committee Member

Kristin Reninger


Chinese Culture and History; Children's picture literature; Picture Books; Westerville Public Library; Educational Quality And Accuracy; authentic and accurate representations;

Subject Categories

Bilingual, Multilingual, and Multicultural Education | Educational Assessment, Evaluation, and Research | International and Comparative Education


In order to learn about the educational quality and accuracy of most children's picture literature accessible to readers of Westerville area, which aim to illustrate and introduce the content of Chinese culture and history, the author of this paper examines whether children's picture books in the Westerville Public Library serve American readers as authentic and accurate representations of Chinese culture and its history. Based on the ardent debates of former researcher, the author discusses frequent mistakes existing in most picture books. Later, the author collects data and uses estimation and hypothesis testing to prove the error rate of the whole pictures population and the hypothesis of comparing quality of books of past and present.



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