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Master of Science in Allied Health (MS)

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Dr. Joan E. Rocks


Dr. Paul D. Longenecker


Personality Types, Administration, Leadership. Athletic Training

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Higher Education | Rehabilitation and Therapy | Sports Sciences


This research study analyzed the personality types among the Athletic Training (AT) profession. With no research present in the field of Athletic Training, research from similar fields like Physical Therapy, and Occupational Therapy were referenced throughout the research process. Throughout the literature review process it was observed that previous researchers used the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment tool to identify personality types. A MBTI assessment tool was used to identify personality types among the participants, and a demographics survey comprised of nine questions was used to determine participant’s experience in the Athletic Training profession. After reviewing previous studies from other professions that closely resembled Athletic Training, the researcher hypothesized that AT’s would possess extroverted-sensing-thinking-judgement (ESTJ) personality biases. The target demographic for the study was NCAA Division III Athletic Trainers in Ohio. The survey was sent to 99 Athletic Trainers that practiced at the Division III level. A second round was sent halfway through the month long data collection process. Invitations to participate were sent at the beginning of the month, and again at the halfway point of the month. The nominal data was then analyzed by the researcher for a trend in responses. Results identified that AT’s possessed extroverted-sensing-feeling-judgement (ESFJ) personality biases. They also had a high amount of introverted-sensing-feeling-judgement (ISFJ) personality biases. Another interesting finding showed that 55 percent of personality types reported were introverted in nature when compared to 45 percent being extroverted. It was concluded that Athletic Trainers have a high amount of sensing-feeling-judging personality biases and are also more introverted in nature when compared to other professions like Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy.



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