Masters Theses/Capstone Projects

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Summer 8-2022

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Exercise and Health Science (MSAH)

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Dr. Shelley Payne


Dr. Paul Longenecker


COVID-19, Injury Occurrence, American Football, Division Three, Mental Health

Subject Categories

Orthopedics | Psychiatric and Mental Health | Sports Medicine | Sports Sciences


Objective: The aim of the study was to investigate if with the lockdown of COVID-19 and the reschedule of the Fall 2020 football season caused an increase in injury in a Division Three College football team.

Methods: A 20 question survey was given to the 2022 Spring Otterbein football team. The survey allowed for self reporting of injuries suffered in the 2019,2020, and 2021 football seasons. The survey also looked to examine if there is any anxiety the players suffered from during the lockdown using the Covid Anxiety Scale.

Results: Of the 63 surveys, it was found that the 2021 season had the most number of injuries when compared to the other two. The 2021 season had 61% of the season's participants suffering at least one injury with a total number of 50 injures across 39 total players. The other two season had in 2019- 26% with 8 total injuries of 5 players and 2020- 32% with 12 total injuries of 10 players. For the results of the COVID Anxiety Scale the participants reported that COVID did not have an affect on their anxiety.

Conclusion: This study showed that the 2021 season had the greatest number on injuries compared to the other two seasons. The reason for this occurrence could be from the OAC’s approach of having two season back-to-back in quick succession causing players to have less time to recover and train. More studies can be run to investigate early sports specialization and playing multiple seasons with little break causing an increase in injury occurrence

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