Undergraduate Honors Thesis Projects

Date of Award

Spring 2020

Document Type

Honors Paper

Degree Name

Athletic Training-BS


Health & Sport Sciences


Joan Rocks PhD, LAT, ATC

First Committee Member

Joan Rocks PhD, LAT, ATC

Second Committee Member

Shelley Payne DHS, PT, AT

Third Committee Member

Cynthia Laurie-Rose, PhD


Softball, Scapula Stabilizer, Muscle Force Output, Collegiate

Subject Categories

Higher Education | Recreational Therapy | Rehabilitation and Therapy


There is a growing topic in research relating to softball and the injuries caused by the biomechanics of a windmill pitch. There have been articles released relating to stress caused by the windmill pitch compared to the stress of an overhead pitch in baseball. Many articles in the softball field also look at the biomechanics and hip strength of the windmill pitcher and how a decrease in hip strength can affect the biomechanics of the pitching motion. Despite having an increase in available softball articles, there have not been any studies conducted that focus solely on scapular stabilizer strength over the course of a season. The importance of this would be to help prevent injuries, especially toward the end of the season. This study aims to fill the gap of the softball research by focusing solely on the strength of scapular stabilizer muscles (rhomboids major and minor, latissimus dorsi, upper and lower trapezius, and infraspinatus) in collegiate softball players of all positions over the course of a non-traditional fall-ball season.