Undergraduate Honors Thesis Projects

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Honors Paper

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English Creative Writing-BA




Karen Steigman

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Tammy Birk

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Jessica Crossfield McIntosh


Hemingway, Screenplay, Creative, Writing

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Creative Writing | Playwriting


For this project, I completed a screenplay for a short film. For my preliminary research into screenplay writing and form, I studied key concepts in narrative cinema, including theories of visual and narrative content. I wanted to enhance my understanding of the relationship between the writing of film and the way it translates to the screen. In particular I studied the relation between the narrative (plot and story) and visual (cinematography and mise-en-scène) in film theory, and the dichotomy of classical Hollywood vs. Avant-garde cinema. My research enhanced my understanding of how visual narrative can offer elements to a story that written narrative cannot. Understanding the relation between visual and narrative cinema was a crucial background question for writing my screenplay.