Undergraduate Honors Thesis Projects

Date of Award

Spring 4-6-2017

Document Type

Honors Paper

Degree Name

Athletic Training-BS


Health & Sport Sciences


Dr. Rocks

First Committee Member

Joe Wilkins

Second Committee Member

Louise Captein


GIRD, Division Three Collegiate Football Quarterbacks

Subject Categories

Sports Sciences


The research looked at the internal rotation loss in collegiate football quarterbacks. A goniometer was used to measure the internal and external rotation of the shoulder for each subject. These measurements were then compared to what is considered glenohumeral internal rotation deficit, GIRD, as defined in the literature. A majority of the current literature focused on GIRD and its connection to baseball pitchers. This research focused on GIRD and its possible connection to football quarterbacks because of the repetitive overhead motion. GIRD is often connected to baseball pitchers due to the extensive research done with baseball pitchers. There are several differences between baseball pitchers and football quarterbacks that vary from weight of the ball to average distance per throw. The research will try to identify if these differences between sports have an impact on the amount of GIRD present in each overhead athlete. The hypothesis is that collegiate football quarterbacks will have GIRD but not to the extent that can be seen in baseball pitchers.