Date of Award

Spring 2017

Document Type

Honors Paper

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Dr. Clare Kilbane

First Committee Member

Dr. Jeff Smith

Second Committee Member

Dr. Margaret Koehler


Project-Based Learning, Secondary Mathematics, Curriculum, Rubric

Subject Categories

Mathematics | Secondary Education


Project-based learning is poorly defined leading to confusion and inconsistent implementation in the classroom. To eliminate the use of project-based learning as educational jargon it is imperative to define the term. This project aims to define project-based learning in a manner that outlines its critical and variable attributes. From the established definition, a rubric is created to determine the quality of project-based learning materials, specifically in the context of math education. The purpose of the rubric is to create a tool to be used in future classrooms as a means of identifying classroom curricula that demonstrate both project-based learning and high quality mathematics education. With educators relying more heavily on teacher made resources, it is imperative to evaluate the effectiveness of the materials with respect to both project-based learning and high quality math education. The rubric will be tested against project-based learning curricula for secondary mathematics units as found on the website “Teachers Pay Teachers.” This information is used to refine the rubric further so that it may consistently useful in identifying and selecting teacher-made project-based learning materials in the math classroom.